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Free 48 hour replay of 2017 Recovery Summit

The Kiloby Centre for Recovery, Inc is offering a free viewing of their 2017 summit on innovation in treating addiction. From 9AM eastern standard time on September 30th, 2017  you have 48 hours to view the replay.

Go to this link:

The topics are vast and really important. From their website, I copied this list:

Watch all 24 interviews free for 48 hours beginning 9AM Eastern on Saturday September 3

Gabor Maté:   Trauma, Connection and Addiction

John Dupuy: Integral Recovery

Nikki Myers: Sustainable Addiction Recovery, Y12SR

Pati Hernandez: Ivy League and Inmates

Richard Miller: Foundation of Well-Being

Rick Hanson: Resourcing Your Brain

Robert Weiss: Digital-Age Intimacy, Sex and Porn

Scott Kiloby: Real Freedom

Tommy Rosen: Recovery 2.0 Grounded in Recovery

Beverly Buncher: Family Recovery Resources BALM

Charles Crenshaw: EFT and Meditation

Jan Winhall: Focusing for Addiction

Judy Crane: Healing Trauma Through Safety

Kay Vogt: Addiction and Family Business

Kenneth Blum: Science, Epigenetics and Addiction

Kimber Olson: Alaska Communities

Lorenzo Jones: Community Organizing

Lynn Fraser: Healing Trauma with the Living Inquiries

Nicole Marcia: Healing Addiction with Yoga Therapy

Paul Hedderman: AA and Nondual Awareness

Roberto Rodriguez: Brief Intervention for Men

Ryan van Wyk: Trauma Treatment Center

Steve Dansiger: Refuge Recovery

Tessie Castillo: Harm Reduction

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